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Contemporary Design Process


My current paintings and contemporary designs (2007-present) take direct inspiration from the gesture or the actual movements during the process of painting. This technique allows me to be in that unique moment of creation and able to consider the values (lights and darks) after the first strokes are laid down. Sticks, rather than brushes, are used during the painting process allowing the color and texture to be built up with each important layer. A finished work, whether subjective or abstract, emerges as each mark and strand of acrylic is drawn across the canvas.

I am grateful for the privilege and opportunities that have made it possible for me to be a professional artist for over two decades. For fourteen of those wonderfully creative years, two art partners and I built the working studio/gallery, Beach Street Studios on Boston’s North Shore. From 1999 to 2012, I ran this successful business complete with client relations, marketing, websites, accounting, promotions, and capital improvements, while continuing to improve my skills as a painter. An artist member of many professional art organizations and galleries, I continue to grow in my knowledge, experience, and dedication to the arts.

My life as an artist is rich and fun. The design, the creative process, the feel and smell of the mediums in the studio all combine in my daily joy. This year, 2015, finds me busier than ever with marketing and Book Events for a self-published children’s book called, The Pajamas Of My Dreams, illustrated in cut-paper collage. Another book project called, Unexpected Pathways, has me writing about Entrepreneur as Artist – A Winding Road Embraced and books will be released in the Spring of 2015. I do paint daily and continue to pursue corporate projects, public projects, and special museum events for my large works both contemporary and traditional.

I work daily to find and express my unique mark and this is vital to staying "current".


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