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A New England Portrait: Oil Paintings by Margie Florini

out_backThere is strength and honesty in the simple beauty of a clapboard house.

My paintings take direct inspiration from a place and moment-in-time, imagined or real. In this age of speed, technology, and many things plastic, my award-winning paintings are narratives about these remembered places. Devoid of figures, I invite the viewer to imagine those who have inhabited such humble homes and gardens and to feel the quiet there.

Painting in oils, applying colors from the darkest to the lightest values, lends itself to my “housescapes” and landscapes. By carefully designing the sunlight and shadows, the intended mood of each special piece is expressed. As each layer of color is applied, the scenes emerge as if a cloud moves from the sun. A painting is complete when one can feel the warm sun and smell the salt air.

In summary, life in a simpler time is what I am compelled to express. The design, the creative process, the feel of the medium and smell of the oils, all combine in my daily work. As Edward Hopper, in his time and in his American Realist style, depicted the loneliness and stagnation of the city, I must paint images of home, serenity and peace in the hope that these images will become my generational legacy.

"A number of Florini’s pictures suggest moments of repose: a clothesline strung next to a salty old fishing boat; one illuminated window in a otherwise darkened farmhouse. She brings these quiet scenes vividly to life."

NORTH SHORE LIVING, Essex, Massachusetts, Winter 2003

"Florini’s delightful ‘homescapes’ are reminiscent of the luminous work of painter Edward Hopper. These pieces offered glorious views of Maine farms and inviting homes with great porches surrounded by trees."

THE EVENING NEWS, Salem, Massachusetts, 5/26/99


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